All them followers on the gram dont lie

All them followers on the gram dont lie


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We bring you “Tama Reka” or Tama or Reka, however you want to call it. Our spin on a childhood favourite, the custard egg bun.

We need taste testers this Friday over at our Wairau branch! Drop a comment if you’re based in the Shore or keen to come by Wairau 🕺 

Well done Richard! Ya finally did it :)
Caught him not selling dumplins 🥟
Falling for you 😉
Can you guess who ate the dumplins? 😂
How did he do??
Please don’t low ball us in store 😅
Thought my dumplins were stolen 😮‍💨
Introducing the Sumthin Dumplin supplement range! In all stores across Auckland! The secret to how @thegreatnihs says youthful and fit!
I do care, I’m just really hungry
We grow our dumplins too 🌱
Hidden vouchers across every store this Easter!!
You need to go sumthin dumplin
Have you tried our delicious dumplings yet? 😋
If I win the lottery 🥟
Personally I’d pick the dumplins 😂
Congrats @pieta.e for winning our ALL YOU CAN EAT card this year!!! Who’s ready for some more Giveaways?

Join us in helping the Kia Aroha College Kapa Haka Group get to this Year’s Nationals in Nelson! 

Click the link in our bio to donate and share your support 🙌 #southside 🫶
Send this to them!!
They’re really that good 🤤
We are thinking about relocating a few hundred metres down, closer to Britomart. Do you think being just that little bit closer to the Train Station, even if it’s only a few minutes walk, worth it?
Highlight reel of the @bnzbank Lantern Festival! Thank you for putting us on! We be here again next year! I have a long post coming (about the love and support Manukau City has shown us) and we will draw the winners of our Giveaway soon! Most likely tomorrow! Just catching up some sleep 🕺
Gotta get the combo!!!

Daniel still has his job if anyone is wondering…
Free Dumplin’s for a Year! Family Box Vouchers! & Loads more!

Like, follow, comment (tag a friend) and share! The GIVEAWAY continues! We will be drawing it LIVE at the BNZ Lantern Festival this Sunday 25th Feb!!!
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Our Menu

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Our Menu

The OG

Premium pork, cabbage with original wrap.
Regular: $13.50
Large: $18.50

Beef & Cheese

Premium beef, onion, mozzarella, coated parmesan with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $13.80
Large: $18.80

Great White

Chicken breast, white mushroom, shitake mushroom with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $13.80
Large: $18.80

Three Spice Prawn

King prawn, premium pork, chives with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $14.00
Large: $19.00

The Monk (V)

Tofu, shitake mushroom, bok choy with spinach wrap.
Regular: $14.00
Large: $19.00

‘Sum Fries’

Potato fries with chives.

Sauces we recommend

Our List of Sauces

Sumthin Chili (🔥, Peanuts*)
Sriracha Mayo (🔥🔥)
Sumthin Sesame
Garlic Vinegar
Sriracha (🔥🔥🔥)

Sumthin Chilli


Sriracha Mayo


Sumthin Hot!