All them followers on the gram dont lie

All them followers on the gram dont lie

Free Dumplin’s for a Year! Family Box Vouchers! & Loads more!

Like, follow, comment (tag a friend) and share! The GIVEAWAY continues! We will be drawing it LIVE at the BNZ Lantern Festival this Sunday 25th Feb!!!
The BNZ Lantern is on this weekend from the 22nd - 25th of February at the Manukau Sports Bowl! The boys @drinkthemilgy and I are gona be there putting on a show! See you guys soon!
Tips to save money 💰

A lot of people have been contacted by fake Sumthin Dumplin accounts as giveaway winners
Do not click on any links or follow instructions
We want everyone to stay safe from these scammers 
Winners will be announced on the 25th of February from our official accounts
Was just tryna tell everyone how to enter our Free Dumplin’s for  Year comp…
Hope everyone’s having a great long weekend
The end 😱!
What’s your favourite sauce?
What’s your go to order?
Have y’all visited us yet? 🤤
When you know exactly what you’re getting 😊
My camera roll 🫣
Have y’all visited us yet?
We’re officially opened back up for 2024! Hope to see y’all soon!!
I’m super excited to see everyone again! Kid and I are en route to NZ! 🕺
Tag a friend who could finish this!
We’ll be back open on the 13th!!!
Out and about in the CBD? Come grab some Dumplin’s!
We are off to climb the Great Wall!!! See you all in 2 weeks back at the shop 🕺
Are we overrated or underrated??
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Last call to get your Dumplin’ fix this weekend!

Our stores are run by family. Our food is made by family. As a family, we need to look after ourselves and especially each other. 

Sumthin Dumplin isn’t hype. We’re here to stay for the long run. We do need to rest.

Merry Xmas! Thank you so much for all the support over the years. We love what we do and we love you!

I’m off to climb the Great Wall of China in a few days with my baby girl. It’s really important to me, to show my kid her heritage 🙂 

Peace out!

Sumthin Dumplin family and Shane
Last week to get dumplins for this year!!
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Our Menu

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Our Menu

The OG

Premium pork, cabbage with original wrap.
Regular: $13.50
Large: $18.50

Beef & Cheese

Premium beef, onion, mozzarella, coated parmesan with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $13.80
Large: $18.80

Great White

Chicken breast, white mushroom, shitake mushroom with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $13.80
Large: $18.80

Three Spice Prawn

King prawn, premium pork, chives with wholemeal wrap.
Regular: $14.00
Large: $19.00

The Monk (V)

Tofu, shitake mushroom, bok choy with spinach wrap.
Regular: $14.00
Large: $19.00

‘Sum Fries’

Potato fries with chives.

Sauces we recommend

Our List of Sauces

Sumthin Chili (🔥, Peanuts*)
Sriracha Mayo (🔥🔥)
Sumthin Sesame
Garlic Vinegar
Sriracha (🔥🔥🔥)

Sumthin Chilli


Sriracha Mayo


Sumthin Hot!